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Babble from a Book Nerd: A Letter to Authors and Publishers

To the authors and publishers that I have received books from,

            I am a failure. There are different variations of the word failure, but the specific definition that I will be using is stated as "nonperformance of something due, required, or expected." You see, a while ago I received a tidal wave of requests for me to review books. At the time I was thrilled. I had lots of time on my hands, and I was going through books like crazy. But then things changed.

            You see, I have been the victim of several bad reading slumps since I first started blogging (what, three years ago?). And every time that I fell into one, my rhythm for reviewing books went completely out the window. And it's so hard to be good about something again once you've been bad for a while. It's like starting to eat healthy again after only eating french fries, cake, candy, and chips for two months. It's hard to get back into the rhythm, but I'm not trying to use this as…

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